Daniel’s story

Daniel Fletcher’s story  Daniel at home –  ready for anything on the menu  I was born with a rare condition called Classic

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Cherril’s story

DO I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? (Cherril Blair from Ballymoney recalls the joy piecing her life back together again, following her transplant in

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Norman’s story

My liver problems really started thirty years ago although they did not show until this past ten years. When I was about

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Kody’s story

The story of one little boy’s battle with liver disease early in his life My name is Megan and when I was

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A Sister’s Story

Cara Hearst had a life-saving transplant at King’s in early 2009. Since then she has recovered well and recently qualified from Queens

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A Daughter’s Story

My mum, Erica Ferguson, is a two time liver transplant recipient. She had her first transplant when I was 8 years old.

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Philip’s Story

Presentation of cheque to Eileen Hearst When I knew Philip needed a transplant I decided to run the Dublin Marathon

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