On this page we provide links to other websites where you can obtain more specific information in relation to something that is important to you. We keep this information up to date and add to when there is something new. If you cannot find something important to you please email us at to let us know. We will endeavour to seek out the relevant information and have it added here.

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust delivers integrated health and social care to 340,000 people in Belfast and part of the Borough of Castlereagh. It also provides specialist services to all of Northern Ireland. You can find further information by clicking HERE

The liver transplant coordinators, Tomas (07711 920402) and Veronica (07864 941380)  are part of the hepatology team based in the Belfast Trust (RVH) but they are also linked in with King’s College Hospital in London. If you need any further information on the services provided by the Belfast Team please click  HERE

The British Liver Trust provides publications on all liver conditions. These can either be read online or downloaded. The link to their page is HERE.

The British Liver Trust is the leading UK charity for anyone suffering from any type of liver condition You can find a wealth of information by visiting HERE

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) was formed in 1980 and is a unique national charity dedicated to taking action against the effects of all liver diseases of childhood. Please click  HERE for more information.

Care in the Sun was set up as part of the Northern Ireland Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy.  The Department of Health’s Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy and Action Plan 2011-2021 was launched in July 2011 and aims to reduce the incidence of skin cancer, and deaths from it, in Northern Ireland.  Further information on skin care can be found HERE

Find out everything you need to know about organ donation, or read more about how organ donation law is changing on June 1st 2023. This site will help guide you through the many questions relating to donation. For further detailed information please click HERE .

We provide a Blood and Transplant service to the NHS which means supplying enough safe blood to hospitals in England and North Wales and providing tissues and solid organs to hospitals across the UK, and we can’t do it alone. Each year our donors give around two million donations of blood and 3,500 organs – saving and transforming countless lives. For further information on this service please click HERE

The Counselling Directory is aware of the importance of finding the perfect counsellor. They are dedicated to making that process as simple as possible, providing individuals in need with all of the information they require to make the most well informed decisions.  Further information can be found  HERE

Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) is an autoimmune condition which affects the liver. It was formerly known as Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. The PBC Foundation (UK) is a charity providing support for people suffering with the condition, their families and friends. The PBC Foundation issues a quarterly newsletter and can put you in touch with others that have PBC. For more information please click  HERE

Actively Promoting Organ Donation. We are the largest UK charity supporting recipients of life saving organ and bone marrow transplants. Organ donation is critically important to the success of treating patients with end stage liver disease. Please see the great work being done HERE

Transplant Sport NI is a registered charity. It encourages organtransplant recipients to lead an active and healthy life. This is achieved through organizingsporting events, participating in the British and World Transplant Games and other social activities. It also promotes the Organ Donor Register Scheme and provides a network of support and contacts for transplant recipients and their family and friends. For further information on this great service please click HERE