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Its always good to remember to “Love your Liver” and  we think  it beneficial to keep this in mind. There follows some information to help you do just that!!  It details what we can do, as individuals, to help our liver recover and to continue to look after it in the future. Unlike other organs the liver has the properties of self healing but that can only happen if we make every effort to avoid on-going liver injury.

Included here are a few tips to help us on that journey. They are kindly provided by the British Liver Trust and we thank them for bringing this information together in an easy to read and understand way. We have made this easy for you to access and you just need to click on the relevant links below.

                                                                                                                                   EAT HEALTHY

                                                                                                                             CUT DOWN ALCOHOL



World Hepatitis Day 2023

July 28th, 2023|

Friday, July 28th, was WORLD HEPATITIS DAY.  The Public Health Agency (PHA) continues to  remind us that anyone can be at


The RVH Liver Support Group has organ donation close to it’s heart for, without it, many patients would not be able to live long and fruitful lives. The charity relies on the huge generosity of others in allowing this to happen. We actively encourage the general public to consider organ donation and to make themselves aware of the many positive stories told by patients who already have been successfully transplanted.  We have provided the opportunity for some of these patients to share their story with you. These personal accounts of their journeys will be of particular significance to those patients are are currently on the transplant waiting list and to their families and loved ones. All of these accounts can be found by clicking  YOUR STORIES

One wee chat could save up to 9 lives. Talk to your loved ones today about being an organ donor #havethechat #organdonation #yesidonate Learn more at:

Letting loved ones know you want to be an organ donor can make it easier for them at a difficult time #havethechat #organdonation #yesidonate Learn more at:

For further general information on organ donations please take some time and visit this website  You are also very welcome to contact any committee member to discuss these possibilities further.

Organ donation law in Northern Ireland has now changed.

The law now states that everyone in Northern Ireland is automatically opted in meaning that, in the event that organ donation is a possibility after you die, it will be considered that you agree to being an organ donor unless you have registered a decision not to donate, or are in an excluded group.

If you do not wish to become an organ donor you will need to opt out on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Organ donation is a personal decision, and you will still have a choice if you wish to donate or not.

Whatever you decide, please remember to talk to loved ones about your decision so they will know what you would have wanted.

The Law Has Changed.

Dáithí’s Law is now in statute.

One donor has the potential to save up to 9 lives, and in 2019/20 in Northern Ireland there were 51 deceased donors and 89 life-saving and life transforming transplants from deceased donors for Northern Ireland residents.  However there are still 115 people in Northern Ireland on the waiting list and in 2020, 11 people in Northern Ireland died while awaiting an organ transplant.

But please remember that, even though you may be opted in for organ donation, it is critically important that you have that chat with your next of kin to let them know of your express wishes in this regard. If you do not have this wee chat it may be the case that your loved ones will not agree to any organ donations.

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