Health Minister Robin Swann conveys news of the Bill passing today to the waiting media

RVH Liver Support Group Chairman, Jim Kilpatrick, congratulates Health Minister Robin Swann MLA and Jo-Anne Dobson following the passing of today’s Bill.  Jo-Anne had unsuccessfully endeavoured to bring the change about during her period as an MLA in 2014.

The Liver Support Group welcomes news that the Organ and Tissue Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill passed its final stage in the Assembly today 8th February 2022, with a unanimous vote, and many personal statements of thanks and relief that the Bill had passed without amendment.  Following Royal Assent the Bill will come into Law in 2023.  It brings Northern Ireland into line with the rest of the UK nations, where all eligible adult citizens are deemed to have consented to be potential organ donors, with an option to opt out if they choose.  At present potential donors must explicitly opt to sign the donor register to be considered.  Consent rates here are currently at 64%, and it is hoped to raise this following the Bill becoming law to around 80%.  A period of intense education, training and public awareness will begin to enable the public to discuss today’s change, and convey their wishes to their families, who will continue to be consulted in any situation where organ donation is being considered