Service in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh

Every three years the Organ Donation Services Team in Northern Ireland (NHSBT) hosts a Service to pay tribute to those people who, after their death, donated organs for transplantation, and for the families who made the generous decision to carry out their wishes.
This service will be taking place on Sunday 8th September 2019 at 3 pm in St Patrick’s RC Cathedral Armagh. This is a non-denominational service of thanksgiving and remembrance. The event is arranged this year to coincide with the close of “Organ Donation Week” which runs from 3 – 8 September 2019.
During the service members of donor families and transplant recipients will be invited to take part in an act of remembrance and thanksgiving. This will involve transplant recipients coming forward to leave a candle tribute. Once transplant recipients have returned to their seat, a representative from each donor family will be asked to come forward to receive a candle tribute. The candles will be provided and will be given to the recipients on arrival.
If you would like to attend the service, please send the following details to the below address by 18th August 2019:
Your name and the number of family/ friends who will be attending the Service, how many (if any) who will be staying for refreshments and your postal address.
Please also indicate the nature of your involvement e.g. Donor Family/ Transplant recipient or family member/ Staff/ Other/ Patient awaiting transplant or family member
Address: NHSBT, Organ Donation Services, 12a Clarendon Road, Clarendon Dock, Belfast, BT1 3BG.
If you have any questions regarding the service, please contact NHSBT on 0300 123 1208
Refreshments will be served afterwards in the Synod Hall beside the Cathedral.
Parking will be available free of charge in the grounds of the Cathedral and also St Patrick’s school which is in close proximity.
Hopefully see you there!