A few weeks back one of our adult patient care staff made a call to Brendan to see how he was keeping. He is doing great and, during the call, he mentioned that he was celebrating 30 years as a transplanted person. Featured here, written by himself, is an expression of his deep gratitude to many of those who helped him along the way.


“I had a liver transplant in August 1992.  I was almost 47 years old then and had suffered an ongoing liver and jaundice problem from the age of 12.

I am forever grateful to the donor family who made this possible for me and literally saved my life.  I thank God for the medical staff at Kings College Hospital in London who performed the operation and took care of me afterwards.  I am also grateful for the support of my family especially my wife Carmel who was with me throughout caring for me and fighting my battles.   

For the last 30 years I have attended the liver clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast where the consultants have kept me on the right dosages of immune suppressing drugs. I hope my story will encourage those waiting for a transplant, those recovering from a transplant and donor families.”

Kind regards,

Brendan Byrne


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