6B Outpatient Team

Georgie's career in a painting

Arthur (RVHLSG) and Sr Georgie

Today, May 30th 2024, Sr Georgie Fennell had her last day as Sister of 6B Outpatients Department. On behalf of the RVH Liver Support Group we would like to take this opportunity to thank Georgie so much for her sterling work with all of our liver patients who have had occasion to visit 6B. We are sure that many will know her personally.

The painting, presented by her family, deserves a special mention here. It represents her career in nursing from the first day she started work in the RVH back in 1975 to today. Georgie said, she came in on her bicycle wearing a cape to cover her from the rain. She left the bicycle in the bicycle rack and went to her work.

We wish Georgie the best of luck in her retirement.