The Mayor of Ards & North Down Borough Council, Cllr. Karen Douglas, kindly hosted some representatives of the Liver Support Group this morning, to help celebrate our 25th Anniversary, and to recognise the Group's work supporting the sizeable number of liver patients resident in the Borough. A very enjoyable time was spent drinking tea and coffee, eating the delicious cake the Mayor had graciously provided, all while chatting informally with her and relating our various liver disease journeys, and our current health. We thank her for her hospitality, her appreciation of the value of organ donation, and her pledge of the Council's continued support of the Group during Organ Donation Week and our ongoing work.

(L-R) - Heather Hayes, Carol Hawe, Joan Goudy, Luke Ogonda, Jim Kilpatrick (Chairman), Cllr. Karen Douglas, Patricia Getty (Child & Adolescent Carer), Kirsty Ferris, Ivan Irvine and Mark Armstrong