Connie’s Story

Connie Grace Taylor was born on June 28th 2007. A twin to Daniel, she has spent most of her young life in hospital either in Belfast or, more recently, in Birmingham.To date she has had 23 procedures in theatre, the most important being a multi visceral transplant operation last August.   This was needed as she had a condition whereby she had no muscle function from her throat all the way down through her stomach, bowel and bladder.   She received 4 organs during the transplant, stomach, small bowel, liver and pancreas. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the people who have supported Connie during the last two years, and feel that this event can go some way to repaying them.

The Children’s hospital in Belfast played a huge part in Connie’s immediate care and they nursed her through the first year of her life until we were called for the transplant operation on August 3rd 2008. She spent 4 months in Birmingham Children’s hospital recuperating from her operation and returned home to Northern Ireland in December 2008.

In the meantime the Children’s Hospice has given us the opportunity for respite and they continue to offer this facility.   We also cannot forget the donor.  This brave and courageous act by the parent to donate organs for Connie has now given her the best chance in life.

Once again, thanks for your donation.

Note: Article donated by Connie’s father.