We, the RVH Liver Support Group, are proud to let you know that we have kitted out the glasshouse, as it was known, in Ward 6D of the RVH Regional Liver Unit. This room is now affectionately known as “The Quiet Room” and has been refurbished and fitted out by the Charity with a new reclining sofa and chair. These items will recline as shown in the picture and also provide USB charging connectivity. As well as this  we have provided a Nespresso coffee machine and microwave oven. Tableware, cutlery and associated accessories are also provided. The Charity will keep the room clean and stocked with coffee pods, teabags and sugar on an ongoing basis.

The Quiet Room is for the sole use of our patients whilst in Ward 6D and their families when visiting, for private conversations between medical staff and patients/families and a place of repose for the medical team within the Ward when needed . It is hoped that everyone will treat the room with the respect and dignity that it deserves.