Cheque presentation

Grandson of Pam Dunn, Robert McGregor, son of Stephanie, presenting a cheque for an outstanding £800 to Founder Kay Duffy from

Cheque presentation2019-03-14T21:30:33+01:00

Anderson family fundraiser

We are very grateful to the Anderson family from Magherafelt for raising such a fantastic sum for our group. We are very

Anderson family fundraiser2019-03-14T21:30:34+01:00

Sr Moffett’s Retirement

The RVH Liver Support Group were represented by Kay and Gordon at the recent function to mark the retirement of Sr Sharon

Sr Moffett’s Retirement2019-03-14T21:30:34+01:00

Cheque Presentations

We are so grateful to the many people who raise money for our Group. This money is very wisely used for the

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Education Fund

Cheque presentation Seamus Cunningham (Vice-Chair) and Kay Duffy (Founder) presenting a cheque for the Education Fund to the consultants (Dr McDougall,

Education Fund2019-03-14T21:30:34+01:00