Important News from NI Regional Liver Unit (26/03/20)

It outlines extra steps to keep you well during the Covid-19 crisis.

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6B Outpatients Arrangements

We received some advice today from the Sister in 6B Outpatients about RVH appointments.

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Map indicating directions to RVH Vaccination Centre.

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***Vaccination Update***

February 1st, 2021|

Those CEV liver patients who have not yet been vaccinated should receive a call this week from the vaccination team admin staff (at The Royal) to offer an appointment in the near future, perhaps by the end of this week.
Anyone residing in the Western Trust area and who wishes to avail

On behalf of John and myself, I want to thank you for a lovely evening at the Crowne Plaza on Saturday. The food was tasty, and it was particularly good to seethe RVH staff members who attended and be able to touch base with Ward 6D.

The greatest gratitude is due to Seamus, Kay, Donald and Sharon, and all committee members, some of whom we had not met before.


Just a note to thank you and the RVH Liver Support Group for all your kindness over the past few years. Tomorrow is the second anniversary of Pauline’s transplant and our two trips to London were made immeasurably easier by your help and advice.


Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of the Liver Support Group. The work that you do is absolutely brilliant and over the years you have helped and saved the lives of many people, including my brother Doug.

Doug and I also owe a lot of thanks to staff in 6D and King’s. We are looking forward to celebrating your 20th Anniversary with you.

Dougie and Billy

To the RVH Liver Support Group

I am currently going through assessment for a liver transplant. I had heard all about, and am now experiencing, the excellent care and help you provide for all with whom you come into contact.

With sincere thanks for all you do.