The RVH Liver Support Group has an ongoing fundraising campaign, raising money through its efforts and the vital support from a large number of supporters. The money raised is used to benefit liver patients in many different ways. It is important to know that all monies raised by the Group stays in Northern Ireland.

The committee ensure that any money raised by us or on our behalf is put to the best possible use. We appreciate the efforts of our supporters. Below is a flavour of how some of the money was spent. Our key aim is to help patients and in allocating funds we always apply strict and fair criteria.

  • £20,700 has been paid to patients travelling to London, Birmingham or Dublin to have a transplant or liver related assessments carried out. This is over the last three years and in the current financial year £4800 has been paid out.
  • We spent £18,500 upgrading the Fibroscan probes in March last year and this year to date we have spent £17,712 on much needed hospital equipment. The NHS would not have supplied this equipment, had the Group not provided the funds.
  • Our single biggest fundraiser remains the gala in 2008 when we raised enough money to spend £51,000 to buy the Fibroscan machine and provide training in its use plus maintenance. This machine is still in very regular use and prevents patients from having to undergo more invasive tests in a lot of cases. Money well spent.
  • We also buy a supply of informative publications on a whole range of liver conditions and place them in a rack at the clinic and Ward 6D.

This money was raised from a wide range of activities carried out by or for the Group. These included street collections, dances, quizzes, auctions, B.B.Q`s, abseiling, hiking, teams and individuals  in the Belfast City Marathon and donations large and small, to name but a few.
The Group offers a big thank you to all those involved in our fundraising efforts.

Please note that you can now make a donation securely online by using the ‘Justgiving’ button on this site.