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What We Do

Our main work is to provide support and advice to patients with liver disease and their families throughout Northern Ireland.

The Support Group has volunteer members around Northern Ireland. The main aim of the Group is to offer support and understanding not only to patients but also to relatives and friends. We endeavour to raise awareness of and combat the stigma associated with liver disease in all its forms.

The Group also carries out fundraising activities to help to provide much needed medical equipment for the liver wards and outpatients’ clinic in the hospital, and provides financial assistance for research projects and has contributed to the liver unit’s education fund.

Another important area of our work is to raise awareness of the great need for donors given the current acute shortage of organs for transplantation.

Our Group Provides:

  • Free and confidential advice and understanding,
  • A listening ear, whether you need one phone call or long term support. We can ring back, write to you or, if you prefer we can arrange for someone to meet with you.
  • Literature and leaflets focussing on many different aspects of liver disease.
  • Financial assistance in certain circumstances in line with strict criteria.
  • Help and support at any time – our door is always open. Just click on ‘Contact Us’

Who We Are

The RVH Liver Support Group is an independent Northern Ireland based registered charity (No XR – 48308) with a network of volunteer liver patients and their carers providing support, non-medical advice and information for all those coping with liver disease. The Group operates throughout Northern Ireland.
The Liver Support Group has been set up to complement and extend the support provided already by professional staff. It works closely with the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

The Group was founded in January 1998 by Kay Duffy from Moy Co Tyrone following an ambition Kay had after her husband Frankie had a successful liver transplant in 1995. From simple beginnings the Group flourished and became a registered charity in March 2001. The Group also affiliated to the British Liver Trust.

The Group is managed by a totally voluntary committee comprising of Chair, Vice-chair, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and another six members including the founder. Each person has a specific area of responsibility and we are able to keep running costs to a minimum, ensuring that a high percentage of all monies raised are used to help patients suffering from liver disease. The Group has been very successful in raising much needed funds over the years to help patients and assist with provision of medical equipment.

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