At a time when we are slowly coming out of lockdown and shielding is being gradually relaxed, staff at the RVH have sent us this advice, for which we thank them. We hope you find it helpful. Please note that we can only share this advice but cannot answer any questions about it.

“The consultants and team of the regional liver unit, and indeed the wider HSC, are grateful to the public of Northern Ireland for their adherence to social distancing advice. It has been a particularly difficult time for individuals who are in high risk groups who are shielding. Covid-19 virus still poses a high risk if someone who is shielding is exposed to it.

However, infection levels in the community are now falling, so the risk of exposure is significantly less than it has been. As the risk is lower, on 8 June 2020 the Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland updated the guidance for those who are shielding.

People advised to shield can now go outdoors while maintaining strict social distancing: 1) with members of their household, or 2) if they live alone they can meet one person from another household (preferably the same person each time).

People who are shielding remain vulnerable and should continue to take precautions. It is still best to stay at home as much as possible.”